Functional Remedies partnership key to genome assembly



FORT COLLINS, CO - January 23, 2018 - Sunrise Genetics, Inc., the privately-held parent company of Marigene and Hempgene, recently presented the first complete assembly of the Cannabis genome at the 26th Annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference. 

Functional Remedies, based out of Boulder, CO, played a crucial role in assembling the map, providing access to plant populations and funding support for the project. Functional Remedies’ internal breeding program provided highly stable cultivars and diversity to the genome assembly, as their genetic population is quite unique compared to other samples. Specifically, the hemp cultivars that Functional Remedies has developed are of a limited amount, making Functional Remedies an ideal partner for this project. Functional Remedies’ prioritization of research and development with Hempgene (Sunrise Genetics) has allowed for stabilization of cultivars, providing data to further define the genome, as well as to develop plant intellectual property protection, and has been paramount to assembling the map and moving the hemp-oil industry forward.

Tim Gordon, President of CBDRx and Functional Remedies, brings years of hemp farming experience and continues to be an industry leader by developing aggressive breeding programs to optimize hemp genetic efficacy and  production. “Having a long-term relationship with Hempgene has allowed us to develop our breeding program and improve our plants more than we’d ever imagined; we couldn’t be more excited that the results of our breeding efforts have contributed to mapping the first complete cannabis genome,” he said of the partnership.

Matt Gibbs, President of Sunrise Genetics, agrees, stating, “Our working relationship with Functional Remedies has provided valuable insight regarding the assembly of the cannabis genome. We are proud and grateful for their partnership and support; it was crucial to the success of this project.”  He went on to say, Functional Remedies takes an innovative approach to improving their plants, and “we are thrilled to be applying this cutting edge data to their breeding and further accelerating the development of novel varieties; this is collaboration with industry leaders at its best.”   


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